Jacqueline Diamond

When my brother came home from first grade in our small town in Texas, I made him teach me what he’d learned each day so I could start writing. I wrote my first story, a single sentence long, when I was four years old, and never stopped.
In the ensuing 66 years, I’ve lived in Tennessee, California and Italy, gone to college in Boston, and been a reporter and editor for two newspapers and The Associated Press. I’ve covered news and wrote a TV column for AP, taught writing, and sold more than 100 novels. Mostly I’ve written genre fiction—romance, mysteries, and some ventures into fantasy and s.f. Currently I’m self-publishing and enjoying the freedom it brings.
Many of my books have a medical setting, including my Safe Harbor Medical series (romances and a spin-off cozy mystery series). My father was a doctor and I’ve always been fascinated by medical topics. I also learned a lot about relationships while being married for 40 years (happily), and about fertility and pregnancy en route to having two sons.

You can contact me, and find out what I’m up to, at my JacquelineDiamondAuthor Facebook site, on Twitter as @jacquediamond, and via my website, Jacquelinediamond.net.