Cherrel Turner-Callwood

 I currently live in Florida for the past 2 years. During this time, I have published 3 books with a fourth one coming out on March 1, 2020. I have a tendency to write about things people really don't want to talk about such as child sexual abuse. I find that this crisis has had a tremendous effect on many. My personal story is posted in my adult book "Journey of an Invisible Brown Girl" pertaining to my experience. I also developed a female superhero who addresses this issue and others for children. It's hope that, 'The Adventures of Chocolate Sunshine ', will be introduced and discussed with all children at home as well as in schools.
I was interviewed with and have done a podcast on pertaining to this topic.
I have some baby books written and ready for me to publish as soon as I figure out how to do board books.
I have raised 5 children, completed my Master's degree in Criminal Justice.
As a crone, I have become more creative and outside of writing, I make jewelry, make natural skin products, experiment with natural remedies, enjoy nature, food, dancing, and traveling.

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Sandra Faulkner

Sandra L. Faulkner is Professor of Communication and Director of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Bowling Green State University. Her interests include qualitative methodology, poetic inquiry, and the relationships among culture, identities, and sexualities in close relationships. Her poetry +images have appeared in Literary Mama, Ithaca Lit, Gulf Stream, Writer’s Resist, Rise Up Review!, and elsewhere. She authored three poetry chapbooks, Hello Kitty Goes to College (dancing girl press), Knit Four, Make One (Kattywompus), and Postkarten aus Deutschland, and a memoir in poetry, Knit Four, Frog One (Brill, 2014).
She is the author of over 60 book chapters and articles, which have appeared in such journals as Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies. She is also the author/editor of 10 books including Real Women Run: Running as Feminist Embodiment; Poetic Inquiry: Craft, Method, & Practice (Routledge); Poetic Inquiry as Social Justice and Political Response (Vernon co-edited with Abigail Cloud); Scientists and Poets #Resist (Brill coedited with Andrea England). She received the 2013 Knower Outstanding Article Award from the National Communication Association and the 2016 Norman K. Denzin Qualitative Research Award.