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Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Joyce Reynolds-Ward writes speculative fiction from Enterprise, Oregon. Her short stories include appearances in Well…It’s Your Cow, Children of a Different Sky, and Fantasy Scroll Magazine. Her agripunk thriller trilogy, The Martiniere Legacy: Inheritance, The Martiniere Legacy: Ascendant, The Martiniere Legacy: Realization, is releasing in Fall, 2020. Her other books include Shadow Harvest, Choices of Honor, Judgment of Honor, and Klone’s Stronghold amongst others. Joyce has edited two anthologies, Pulling Up Stakes (2018), and Whimsical Beasts (2019). Besides writing, Joyce enjoys reading, quilting, horses, and hiking, and is a member of Soroptimist International of Wallowa County and Northwest Independent Writers Association.

Link to landing page for current series (near-future agripunk corporate soap opera dystopia):


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Tanja Cilia

I am Maltese, Mediterranean, and European – in that order. My writing career began when I was 14 years old, because of happenstance, serendipity, and necessity. Reading articles in newspapers and magazines, I knew I could do better than that. So, I wrote (not typed) an article, and sent it to The Times of Malta… and the rest is history. These days, I am a Freelance Writer /Editor /Journalist /Proof-reader /Newspaper Columnist. I translate Maltese to English, and vice versa.

My blog:

Judith Moffitt

As an adult, I have spent years learning to live with depression and anxiety. I speak openly about that because hiding it makes it shameful and it is not.
In 2003, I wrote a fan fic for a little known show called Firefly. I thought it had the beginning of an idea for a novel. I knew I couldn't publish in that universe, so I took my idea to my own universe and developed my own characters. But life and work got in the way. In 2018 when I retired, I was still stuck at 8 chapters. I decided that I would make it a retirement project to finish the novel. I published that novel on Amazon in September 2020.
Along the way I got hooked on writing and started taking writing classes (and volunteering) at the Muse Writer’s Center in Norfolk Virginia. I wrote the first draft of two other novels and the workshop feedback made all of my work get better. I have more novels in progress as I start to polish the fantasy novels and get them ready for publication. My work has themes about aftermath because so much of my life has revolved around dealing with the aftermath of abuse, bullying, death, rape, sexual assault and harassment. My characters are diverse because I didn't read a character who I thought of as representing me until I was in my mid-thirties. Representation is important. I also make sure that older women and men are represented because I am an older woman and I am tired of only teenagers saving the world. The heroes in my first novel are mostly middle-aged. The hero of my second novel is a 66-year-old woman. The heroes of my third novel are an 11-year-old girl and a middle-aged, blind woman (who kicks ass at unarmed combat, BTW). Other characters include a disabled alien, a dragon with epilepsy, a couple of married tran people who have four children, a gay healer.
My first book is called a Line in the Sand and is available here:


Angela Mumford

Hi, my pen name is Ange Hilstron.
I was born in 1929, the year of the Wall Street crash when our well off family became destitute. I grew up during the Great Depression and World War Two in London, and attended a private school in Worcester Park. I worked for British American Tobacco Co in Westminster as a shorthand typist and sent myself to Wimbledon College of Art.
After marriage and the birth of our daughter we immigrated to New Zealand in 1960, where I became involved in community work, taught art in a primary school, and exhibited my paintings. Two sons and a divorce later, I helped pioneer the Feminist movement in NZ, bought a house and carved a hillside garden out of volcanic rock! I founded my own company to fund my installation in the Botanic Gardens to celebrate artesian water, pioneered art as a special subject in primary schools and gained a Batchelor of Arts degree in human lifespan cognitive development, and aesthetic perception.
When my sons married I decided to return to UK in 1995 to live in Dorset near my daughter and grandchildren. I joined the Women’s Institute, became active in the community, was Artist in Residence at a local school making a millennial mosaic pavement and created a cottage garden out of a strip of grass. I joined a community group making a celebration tapestry and helped create a community garden in a retirement complex.
During my life I have had several major surgeries, but just after returning to UK I discovered I had breast cancer.
I kept a journal most of my life, keeping folders of my experiences and ideas. When I reached the age of 89 I thought I should publish some of it.
I chose Author House as my self publisher and spent 2019 just before my 90th birthday writing my first book Any Excuse for a Party, the Story of my Life. The Rag Doll series came from my experiences with having a stroke, heart failure and another mastectomy, and the comedy of dealing with the medical fraternity and surreal situations. I expect that people would gain some hope from them as well as have an enjoyable read. They are all available through Amazon and book shops on line.
My website:
My books at Author House (in £)

Laura Lyndhurst

I was born and grew up in North London, England, but was unable to attend university when young due to family financial circumstances. Instead, I worked at various occupations, including dental nurse, laboratory assistant and shop assistant. I married just before I was 20, and travelled to some interesting places around the world, including Egypt and Cyprus, following my husband’s career. I spent much time reading, a passion, but in order to keep further occupied I took office jobs when these were available to me; I hated the work, but the money was useful.
When we were back in the UK I took evening classes at various times and gained ‘A’ levels in Psychology, Sociology and English, eventually settling in Kent with my husband and becoming a mature student and gaining Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English and Literature before training and working as a teacher.
In 2016 we moved to the peace and quiet of rural Lincolnshire, and my sporadic writing activies became more permanent. I self-published 'Fairytales Don't Come True', my debut novel, in May 2020. In this work, aimed at the Literary Fiction market, I wanted to highlight the growing issue of students (mainly female) funding their studies through arranged sexual relationships with rich, older, men and how they can get in over their heads. Here Mags, who lived such a life, recounts her life story to Dora, a nurse with a very different lifestyle but her own issues.
Since then, I have written and published two books of poetry, 'October Poems' and 'Thanksgiving Poems & Prose Pieces'. I have also just published, in January 2021, a a sequel to 'Fairytales' entitled 'Degenerate, Regenerate'. I have a psychological suspense story, 'You Know What You Did' ready for publication, and a third book in progress to make a trilogy with 'Fairytales' and 'Degenerate'.
I usually go for a long walk each day (weather permitting; I’m a fair-weather walker) in the beautiful countryside around us, and exercise for a couple of hours each morning, including use of a hula-hoop and stepping machine. I love food and drink and have spent half my life battling a weight problem. I managed to lose 5 stone of unfortunately-gained weight two years ago and am determined to NEVER regain it! So every other day is a diet day (for hubby too), but when not being careful we enjoy a good meal with wine; going out to eat is something which I enjoy.
For other leisure activities I have taught myself to play the recorder; badly, but it keeps the brain cells ticking over. I also listen to music of many types; Tracy Chapman is playing while I write this, and will later be replaced by Leonard Cohen or Katie Melua or any one of dozens of other artists, or by some classical music or opera, another passion. And of course there’s reading, something which I have loved since I was a child. I’m just about to subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited programme, because although I love physical books, my bookcases are groaning under the weight and I don’t have room for any more.
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Lisa C. Miller

I am Lisa C. Miller. I am a poet who has a creative partnership with the Holy Spirit for many years. My husband and I live in Western Ky.
I want to write about the beauty of life and simplicity of Christ to the wounded, broken and lost souls of humanity.
I fell in love with poetry because nothing is hidden. Poetry reveals man's flaws, scars and beauty.
I not only read books but I write them. Writing books is as much fun as reading them
I enjoy reading, writing, blogging and social media. I also like to journal.

L E Glazebrook

L.E. Glazebrook is described as a curious human, who asks far too many questions.
The world of Tweldor evolved when she continued to query why bad things happen to good people.
(It isn't always due to the fae folk meddling you know).

In her novels, characters quickly learn that bad choices carry consequences. Evil is held accountable and love, friendship and family are honoured above all else.

She hopes that you enjoy her stories and looks forward to your kind reviews.

Donna Fieldhouse‎

Australian writer – 

Donna Fieldhouse – 

I was never a writer as a kid at school but, always lived in an imaginary world. I'd make up elaborate tales in my head pretending to be someone else and would tell myself bedtime stories to fall asleep. From that I think my imagination developed.My first book Chains to Freedom (now on Wattpad) was one of my ‘young woman’ night time head stories.

The trouble was I never got past the first chapter as I always nodded off. One day, (I was a young mum with three little kids who felt inadequate up against other mums who all had wonderful careers), I woke up with a start thinking, *I'm going to write a book!*
From there I wrote down that first chapter of my bedtime story and Chains to Freedom was the result. I had no idea what I was doing. I wrote in one big long line with very little punctuation and bad grammar. I sent the first three chapters to a competition where they gave every entry a critique. They told me I had to learn how to set out a story but, also gave me enough praise to inspire me.
I joined a writer's group, went and did a course, and after twenty years of writing, which includes ten completed novels, I am still learning. I have had short stories published in multiple anthologies by Stringy Bark Publishing. Aus. and as yet haven't gone down the Amazon road.
My favourite genre is Dark Contemporary though I have written multiple genres where my characters strive to overcome their abhorrent circumstances and, in doing so, a lot of my scenes are mature, poignant and graphic.
I want readers to see my character's lives through each of their struggles. They and their backgrounds unfold at a steady pace.
Once I was asked why I write such stories. I want readers to see that not everyone lives an idyllic life. We are not all wrapped up in pretty pink bows. Every person in this world has struggles of one kind or another. There are those who live with physical and mental problems, abuse and drug addiction, either first hand or in their circle of friends or family. This is where my heart lays so these are the stories I want to tell because many of us live them. We do not all drive around in expensive cars, we struggle day to day to meet payments or rise our heads above water.
My settings are all Australian based. The towns are real and I use raw descriptions and language from the world that surrounds me. Within the stories, I promise you will find resolution and love.
My stories and I can be found on:

H.A. Byrd

Harriet Arden Byrd grew up roaming the woods, playing Mowgli, or imagining herself as some sort of fantasy creature. 

Born in San Francisco, she was raised in various places much farther north along the West Coast. By the time she was well into adulthood she’d lived all across Canada and the US, with long stays in Northern Europe and southern Mexico.

From a young age Harriet adored fantasy novels, and she knew Tolkien’s hobbits and elves well, Lewis’s Pevensies, and Arthurian tales in many forms. Certainly these stories helped to shape her adventurous character, but there is one thing which bothered her more and more as the years went by.

When Harriet was ready to write her own book, she did not include military glory. She situated her protagonist in a world where war has never been a concept at all. It is important to document our history, of course, and, so far, we are a warlike species. But if we continually focus on fighting and killing as the entertainment factor in our sci-fi and fantasy stories, how will we ever learn peace?

Aru's Realm is a fantasy novel in a literary style. A fun look at perspectives on the nature of reality, it also speaks to class discrimination and other abuses of power. This is a beautifully visual story. Each chapter enfolds the reader in the emotions and sensations of a different color. Read more description of Aru's Realm using the link below:

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H.A. Byrd is the pen name of Catherine Wesley

Cherrel Turner-Callwood

 I currently live in Florida for the past 2 years. During this time, I have published 3 books with a fourth one coming out on March 1, 2020. I have a tendency to write about things people really don't want to talk about such as child sexual abuse. I find that this crisis has had a tremendous effect on many. My personal story is posted in my adult book "Journey of an Invisible Brown Girl" pertaining to my experience. I also developed a female superhero who addresses this issue and others for children. It's hope that, 'The Adventures of Chocolate Sunshine ', will be introduced and discussed with all children at home as well as in schools.
I was interviewed with and have done a podcast on pertaining to this topic.
I have some baby books written and ready for me to publish as soon as I figure out how to do board books.
I have raised 5 children, completed my Master's degree in Criminal Justice.
As a crone, I have become more creative and outside of writing, I make jewelry, make natural skin products, experiment with natural remedies, enjoy nature, food, dancing, and traveling.

Books on Amazon

Sandra Faulkner

Sandra L. Faulkner is Professor of Communication and Director of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Bowling Green State University. Her interests include qualitative methodology, poetic inquiry, and the relationships among culture, identities, and sexualities in close relationships. Her poetry +images have appeared in Literary Mama, Ithaca Lit, Gulf Stream, Writer’s Resist, Rise Up Review!, and elsewhere. She authored three poetry chapbooks, Hello Kitty Goes to College (dancing girl press), Knit Four, Make One (Kattywompus), and Postkarten aus Deutschland, and a memoir in poetry, Knit Four, Frog One (Brill, 2014).
She is the author of over 60 book chapters and articles, which have appeared in such journals as Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies. She is also the author/editor of 10 books including Real Women Run: Running as Feminist Embodiment; Poetic Inquiry: Craft, Method, & Practice (Routledge); Poetic Inquiry as Social Justice and Political Response (Vernon co-edited with Abigail Cloud); Scientists and Poets #Resist (Brill coedited with Andrea England). She received the 2013 Knower Outstanding Article Award from the National Communication Association and the 2016 Norman K. Denzin Qualitative Research Award. 

Susan Gerofsky

Susan Gerofsky, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of British Columbia, Canada, brings experience from many fields to mathematics education. Her research is in embodied, multisensory, multimodal mathematics education through the arts, including poetry, dance and movement, film, theatre, gesture and voice. She also works in garden-based environmental education, language and genres of mathematics education, and media theory. She holds degrees in languages and linguistics and mathematics education, and worked for years in film production, adult education, and as a high school teacher. She speaks several languages, is an active musician, and a published poet and playwright. She contributed to the award-winning book, Poetic Inquiry: Enchantment of Place (Vernon Press, 2017) and has a verse play published in The Mathematical Intelligencer

A few more links:
Kepler play: <>
Eco poetry walks -- and sings! <>
PH4 combinatoric poems: <>
An interesting article on embodied graphs: <>

Jane Piirto

Jane Piirto is a retired professor of education. She is Trustees’ Distinguished Professor Emerita from Ashland University in Ohio, USA.

Besides being a teacher/professor, Jane is a writer. Her writing is both scholarly and literary. She published her first poem in a literary journal in 1973 and her first short story the same year. She published her first scholarly article in a scholarly journal in 1979.

Jane has traveled to six continents (except for Antarctica) to speak, consult, and visit as a tourist. She is a constant reader. A movie buff, for years she taught a capstone graduate seminar called Teachers in Film. She is a news junkie. She also enjoys watching television and subscribes to several cable and streaming services.

Jane is the recipient of the Mensa Education and Research Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, and the National Association for Gifted Children Distinguished Scholar Award. She has published many articles, studies and chapters in peer-reviewed books and journals. She is on the editorial boards of several scholarly journals.

Jane received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Northern Michigan University, her undergraduate alma mater. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association for Gifted Children, was the recipient of a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Ohio Association for Gifted Children and was named an Ohio Magazine Distinguished Educator. She has received the Torrance Creativity Award and the Creativity Award from the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. She has taught and worked with students at every grade from pre-K to doctoral levels. She is a former principal of the Hunter College Elementary School.

Jane has received Individual Artist Fellowships in poetry and in prose from the Ohio Arts Council, and her poems have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is a past chair of the Ohio Arts Council Literature Panel. She is listed in the Directory of American Poets and Writers as both a poet and a writer. She has received over $1 million in grants from educational entities, most notably the Ohio Department of Education.

Jane is the author of 14 books, 6 chapbooks, and one edited book. Her single-authored books are Creativity for 21st Century Skills, Understanding Creativity; “My Teeming Brain”: Understanding Creative Writers; Understanding Those Who Create(two editions); Talented Children and Adults: Their Development and Education (3 editions). She co-authored Luovuus (Creativity). Literary books available on Kindle and Nook are The Three-Week Trance Diet (novel); A Location in the Upper Peninsula (collected poems, stories, essays); The Arrest (novel); Labyrinth (novella). Also available on Kindle and Nook are Guidance and Counseling the Gifted and Talented; and The Piirto Pyramid. Her poetry books are Saunas and several poetry chapbooks.

Jane lives in Columbus, Ohio, and Ishpeming, Michigan. She has two children and one granddaughter.


Patricia Leavy

Patricia Leavy, Ph.D. is a bestselling author with a background in sociology. She was formerly Associate Professor of Sociology, Chair of Sociology and Criminology, and Founding Director of Gender Studies at Stonehill College in Massachusetts before leaving academia to write full time. She has published over twenty-five books, selling over one million copies worldwide, earning commercial and critical success in both nonfiction and fiction including earning numerous bestseller and instant bestseller certifications, and her work has been translated into many languages. She is also series creator and editor for ten book series with Oxford University Press, Guilford Press, and Brill-Sense, including the ground-breaking Social Fictions series. She is also cofounder and co-editor-in-chief of Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal. A vocal advocate of public scholarship, she has published hundreds of blogs and op-eds, is frequently called on by the US national news media, and more than one hundred media profile and interview pieces have been written about her pioneering work. She has received numerous accolades for her books. Recently, her novel Spark won numerous awards including the American Fiction Award for Inspirational Fiction and the Living Now Book Award for Adventure Fiction. She has also received career awards from the New England Sociological Association, the American Creativity Association, the American Educational Research Association, the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, and the National Art Education Association. In 2016 Mogul, a global women’s empowerment network, named her an “Influencer.” In 2018, she was honored by the National Women’s Hall of Fame and SUNY-New Paltz established the “Patricia Leavy Award for Art and Social Justice.” She has residences in Maine and Massachusetts where she lives with her husband, daughter (when she’s not away at college), and her dog.

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Lisa Romeo

Lisa Romeo is a writer, editor, and creative writing teacher, and the author of the memoir Starting With Goodbye: A Daughter’s Memoir of Love after Loss (University of Nevada Press, 2018). Her short nonfiction has been listed in “Notables” in Best American Essays 2018 and 2016, has nominated several times for the Pushcart Prize. Lisa's essays and articles appear regularly in literary journals and popular media, including the New York Times, O The Oprah Magazine, Longreads, Brevity, Under the Sun, Newport Illustrated, River Teeth, Sport Literary, Inside Jersey, L'Anne Hippique, and many other places. Lisa is a professor of creative nonfiction writing with the Bay Path University MFA program, and also works as a freelance manuscript editor and writing coach. She holds an MFA degree from Stonecoast (University of Southern Maine), and a BS in journalism from Newhouse (Syracuse University). A former competitive show rider, equestrian journalist, and public relations specialist, Lisa lives in northern New Jersey, where she grew up. She and her husband have two adult sons.
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Lisa Norman

Lisa Norman is a non-fiction author who runs an author website business (Deleyna's Dynamic Designs) and a small indie publishing company (Heart Ally Books). She writes modern paranormal adventure and fantasy under the pen name of Deleyna Marr, and science fiction as Trina Malone.
She is the proud mother of 3 energetic children. She tends to collect additional children the way most people collect stray cats. Of late, she has the cats as well.
Her passion has been writing since she could hold a pencil. While that is a cliche’, she is unique in that her first novel was written on gum wrappers. As a young woman, she learned to program and discovered that she has a talent for helping people and computers learn to work together and play nice. When she’s not playing with her daughter, writing, or designing for the internet, she can be found wandering the local beaches.
Lisa graduated from Santa Clara University with a BA in English/Creative Writing, a Minor in Anthropology and a Minor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She has worked as a programmer, a pre-school teacher, a tour-guide, a planner and even as a NASA minion.

My websites:

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Teresa Lynn

Teresa Lynn is a writer and editor with a background in journalism. She has written for a range of publications on a variety of topics, including book publishing, current events, historical topics, food, nature, and pop culture. She has authored three books, Little Lodges on the Prairie, Thanksgiving Joy, and Understanding Copyright, under her own name, as well as ghostwriting works for others.
In 2014, Teresa helped establish Tranquility Press, a hybrid publishing company near Austin, Texas. Today, she provides all types of writing, editorial, and publishing services. She is also administrator and board member of Story Circle Network, Vice President of ACFW Cen-Tex, and Distribution Editor for Story Circle Book Reviewers. Teresa speaks to groups nationwide on writing and publishing, Freemasonry, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and the Texas Rangers law enforcement agency.
In her free time, Teresa enjoys reading, traveling, and seeking out little-known history of interesting people and places. She lives in Georgetown, Texas with her husband, near their two grown daughters.

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Kathleen Friend

I am a Child Psychiatrist, mother, musician, heart rhythm meditation teacher and a great lover of books. One day, a story popped into my head and I knew it must be told. It held the seed of a new way of working with children to bring out their very best. My goal is to inspire greatness in all children and to help grownups become aware of the impact of focusing on the positive to build the inner wealth of children. I am an East Coast transplant now living in Tucson, Arizona where I am blessed with lots of sunshine

Rebecca McCurry

You know how when life is busy with work, kids, obligations, etc. you promise yourself that when you finally have the time, you will write...well, I, Rebecca McCurry, finally have the time.

Two years ago, I had a stroke and have been battling with subsequent health issues culminating in cervical surgery two months ago. These challenges gave me the opportunity to see life differently and reminded me to value the simple things in life. I take nothing for granted.

At just 55, I was forced to retire ( due to health issues) from a 28 year career teaching English and writing. As a runner, cyclist and avid Yoga practitioner, sitting still was not my forte! However, the stroke left me no choice but to develop patience. I consider it a gift in disguise!

Now, it is my turn to write for pleasure and to indulge my quest for knowledge as a lifetime learner. I have begun my new career as a writer by creating a personal blog and site to enrich the lives of others. My blog CelticWinds ( musings on life and meditation) and The Strength of Women ( posts to encourage and support each other) can be found via FB. I’m writing a book about strong, little known women in history who have contributed to change. It is a culmination of years of research.

Elinor Florence

I am 68 and retired from my journalism career. My first historical novel was published by Dundurn Press in Toronto four years ago, about a young Canadian woman who joins the air force in World War Two and becomes an interpreter of aerial photos. Bird's Eye View went on to become a Canadian bestseller!
I was so thrilled that I self-published an anthology of interviews I had done with war veterans, and then went on to write another historical novel about pioneer life in northern Alberta, titled Wildwood, which was published by Dundurn Press in 2018.
Marketing has been a big component of my life in the last few years, but I also continue to write a very extensive blog called Letters From Windermere, a collection of news, notes, and nostalgia for people who love the past. You can read more than you ever wanted to know about me here: 

Bird's Eye View


Stella Fosse

I’ve wanted to write all my life, and made a good living writing FDA submissions about new diagnostics for various biotech companies. Three years ago I published my first book, “The Year of the Mite,” under the pen name Jane Ishka. It‘s a scientific memoir about getting rid of a parasitic mite infestation. Published by a small house staffed by CalTech nerdsin their spare time, it still appeals to a few unfortunates with biting mites. But this new book, “Aphrodite’s Pen,” is on a whole different scale: book tour, social media platform, and will be distributed by Random House. It is set to launch in September, two days before my 66th birthday, with the pen name Stella Fosse (my son says, “Mom, when are you going to publish as you?”).

Lynne Haines

My life's work to turn women on to the very crux of their femininity, menses and it's hither to unrevealed amazing benefits is Flowing, A Guide to CM: Conscious Menses. Sample quote: We re-value ourselves through CM. We learn to know and love ourselves based on personal revelations that occur during CM. Learn to respect yourself for “who you are” not just whose mother, sister, daughter, lover or wife that you are. You can find my Declaration of Womens Rights by clicking on the READ ME letters in my BLOG

Heidi Smith

Heidi Smith has a portal in her mind that takes her to mythical places where she hangs out with kings, queens, bards, warriors, witches and a myriad of other magical creatures. It is her happy place and the source of inspiration for her mythic fantasy/romance book series, Kingdom of Uisneach. The Prophecy was released in 2018 and The Runes of Evalon, book two, will be released in June 2019.
But the portal goes both ways and in her mundane life, which really isn’t so mundane, she lives with her husband and Scottish terrier in New Hampshire, along the Connecticut River. She adores spending time with her family,Team Smuffin, hiking or checking out new pubs. She works as a hospice chaplain and a self-publishing author. When not working, you will find her in the garden, thinking about writing and chatting with the birds and the faeries.
She loves to share her passion for books, nature, travel, music, Ireland and Native American culture with like-minded people through her website and social media. She would love for you to stop by any of these sites and say hello.
Facebook: Heidi Hanley Author Page:
Instagram: heidi_hanley

Jacqueline Diamond

When my brother came home from first grade in our small town in Texas, I made him teach me what he’d learned each day so I could start writing. I wrote my first story, a single sentence long, when I was four years old, and never stopped.
In the ensuing 66 years, I’ve lived in Tennessee, California and Italy, gone to college in Boston, and been a reporter and editor for two newspapers and The Associated Press. I’ve covered news and wrote a TV column for AP, taught writing, and sold more than 100 novels. Mostly I’ve written genre fiction—romance, mysteries, and some ventures into fantasy and s.f. Currently I’m self-publishing and enjoying the freedom it brings.
Many of my books have a medical setting, including my Safe Harbor Medical series (romances and a spin-off cozy mystery series). My father was a doctor and I’ve always been fascinated by medical topics. I also learned a lot about relationships while being married for 40 years (happily), and about fertility and pregnancy en route to having two sons.

You can contact me, and find out what I’m up to, at my JacquelineDiamondAuthor Facebook site, on Twitter as @jacquediamond, and via my website,

Lily Iona MacKenzie

I don’t have hayseed clinging to my trousers, but growing up on a Canadian farm gave me a unique foundation as a writer. I sprouted under cumulous clouds that bloomed everywhere in Alberta’s big sky. They were my first creative writing instructors, scudding across the heavenly blue, constantly changing shape: one minute an elephant, bruised and brooding. The next morphing into a rabbit or a castle. These billowing masses gave me a unique view of life on earth.
As a girl, I prowled the land, talking to chickens and pigs and lambs, creating scenarios for them. I also tried to make perfume from the wild Alberta roses and captured caterpillars, watching with wonder when they transformed themselves into butterflies. Everything around me seemed infused by nature spirits waiting to be released.
I soon realized that all objects are in motion, waiting for stories to illuminate them. The clouds’ shifting form also schooled me in the various possibilities open to me as a writer. So did Jack Frost’s enchanted creations that enlivened the windows in wintertime, forcing me to view my surroundings as if through a bewitching prism. These early experiences helped me to envision multi-dimensional characters. No wonder magical realism pulses at the heart of my narratives, and my work celebrates the imagination.

Poetry Collection: All This:…/…/1935656112/ref
Three novels:
Curva Peligrosa…/…/ref; 
Freefall: A Divine Comedy…/…/ref
I blog weekly at