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I was never a writer as a kid at school but, always lived in an imaginary world. I'd make up elaborate tales in my head pretending to be someone else and would tell myself bedtime stories to fall asleep. From that I think my imagination developed.My first book Chains to Freedom (now on Wattpad) was one of my ‘young woman’ night time head stories.

The trouble was I never got past the first chapter as I always nodded off. One day, (I was a young mum with three little kids who felt inadequate up against other mums who all had wonderful careers), I woke up with a start thinking, *I'm going to write a book!*
From there I wrote down that first chapter of my bedtime story and Chains to Freedom was the result. I had no idea what I was doing. I wrote in one big long line with very little punctuation and bad grammar. I sent the first three chapters to a competition where they gave every entry a critique. They told me I had to learn how to set out a story but, also gave me enough praise to inspire me.
I joined a writer's group, went and did a course, and after twenty years of writing, which includes ten completed novels, I am still learning. I have had short stories published in multiple anthologies by Stringy Bark Publishing. Aus. and as yet haven't gone down the Amazon road.
My favourite genre is Dark Contemporary though I have written multiple genres where my characters strive to overcome their abhorrent circumstances and, in doing so, a lot of my scenes are mature, poignant and graphic.
I want readers to see my character's lives through each of their struggles. They and their backgrounds unfold at a steady pace.
Once I was asked why I write such stories. I want readers to see that not everyone lives an idyllic life. We are not all wrapped up in pretty pink bows. Every person in this world has struggles of one kind or another. There are those who live with physical and mental problems, abuse and drug addiction, either first hand or in their circle of friends or family. This is where my heart lays so these are the stories I want to tell because many of us live them. We do not all drive around in expensive cars, we struggle day to day to meet payments or rise our heads above water.
My settings are all Australian based. The towns are real and I use raw descriptions and language from the world that surrounds me. Within the stories, I promise you will find resolution and love.
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