H.A. Byrd

Harriet Arden Byrd grew up prowling through the coastal woods. Born in San Francisco, she was raised in various places much further north along the West Coast. Her tenth year, though, was spent in Saskatoon, providing cherished memories of the Canadian prairie.

From a young age Harriet adored fantasy novels, and she knew Tolkien’s hobbits and elves well, Lewis’s Pevensies, and Arthurian tales in many forms. Certainly these stories helped to shape her character, but there is one thing which bothered her more and more as the years progressed.

When Harriet was ready to write her own book, she did not include military glory. In fact, she situated her protagonist in a world where war has never been a concept. It is important to document our history, of course, and, so far, we are a warlike species. But if we continually focus on fighting and killing as the entertainment factor in our sci-fi and fantasy stories, how will we ever learn peace?

Aru's Realm is a fantasy novel in a literary style. A fun look at perspectives on the nature of reality, it also speaks to class discrimination and other abuses of power. This is a beautifully visual story. Each chapter enfolds the reader in the emotions and sensations of a different color. Read more description of Aru's Realm using the link below:

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H.A. Byrd is the pen name of Catherine Wesley