Rebecca McCurry

You know how when life is busy with work, kids, obligations, etc. you promise yourself that when you finally have the time, you will write...well, I, Rebecca McCurry, finally have the time.

Two years ago, I had a stroke and have been battling with subsequent health issues culminating in cervical surgery two months ago. These challenges gave me the opportunity to see life differently and reminded me to value the simple things in life. I take nothing for granted.

At just 55, I was forced to retire ( due to health issues) from a 28 year career teaching English and writing. As a runner, cyclist and avid Yoga practitioner, sitting still was not my forte! However, the stroke left me no choice but to develop patience. I consider it a gift in disguise!

Now, it is my turn to write for pleasure and to indulge my quest for knowledge as a lifetime learner. I have begun my new career as a writer by creating a personal blog and site to enrich the lives of others. My blog CelticWinds ( musings on life and meditation) and The Strength of Women ( posts to encourage and support each other) can be found via FB. I’m writing a book about strong, little known women in history who have contributed to change. It is a culmination of years of research.