Laura Lyndhurst

I was born and grew up in North London, England, but was unable to attend university when young due to family financial circumstances. Instead, I worked at various occupations, including dental nurse, laboratory assistant and shop assistant. I married just before I was 20, and travelled to some interesting places around the world, including Egypt and Cyprus, following my husband’s career. I spent much time reading, a passion, but in order to keep further occupied I took office jobs when these were available to me; I hated the work, but the money was useful.
When we were back in the UK I took evening classes at various times and gained ‘A’ levels in Psychology, Sociology and English, eventually settling in Kent with my husband and becoming a mature student and gaining Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English and Literature before training and working as a teacher.
In 2016 we moved to the peace and quiet of rural Lincolnshire, and my sporadic writing activies became more permanent. I self-published 'Fairytales Don't Come True', my debut novel, in May 2020. In this work, aimed at the Literary Fiction market, I wanted to highlight the growing issue of students (mainly female) funding their studies through arranged sexual relationships with rich, older, men and how they can get in over their heads. Here Mags, who lived such a life, recounts her life story to Dora, a nurse with a very different lifestyle but her own issues.
Since then, I have written and published two books of poetry, 'October Poems' and 'Thanksgiving Poems & Prose Pieces'. I have also just published, in January 2021, a a sequel to 'Fairytales' entitled 'Degenerate, Regenerate'. I have a psychological suspense story, 'You Know What You Did' ready for publication, and a third book in progress to make a trilogy with 'Fairytales' and 'Degenerate'.
I usually go for a long walk each day (weather permitting; I’m a fair-weather walker) in the beautiful countryside around us, and exercise for a couple of hours each morning, including use of a hula-hoop and stepping machine. I love food and drink and have spent half my life battling a weight problem. I managed to lose 5 stone of unfortunately-gained weight two years ago and am determined to NEVER regain it! So every other day is a diet day (for hubby too), but when not being careful we enjoy a good meal with wine; going out to eat is something which I enjoy.
For other leisure activities I have taught myself to play the recorder; badly, but it keeps the brain cells ticking over. I also listen to music of many types; Tracy Chapman is playing while I write this, and will later be replaced by Leonard Cohen or Katie Melua or any one of dozens of other artists, or by some classical music or opera, another passion. And of course there’s reading, something which I have loved since I was a child. I’m just about to subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited programme, because although I love physical books, my bookcases are groaning under the weight and I don’t have room for any more.
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