Gertraude Roth Li

Gertraude Roth Li is a non-fiction author. Though she grew up in a tiny village in northern Germany, her passion for international living soon turned her into a global nomad. After moving to the US and earning a Ph.D. in Chinese history and Asian languages, she spent several years living in Taiwan, Switzerland, and Japan. More recently she left Hawaii – her home for 34 years -- and with her husband moved into a retirement community in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. where she enjoys walking and hiking outdoors and using her bookbinding skills to repair a ton of dilapidated books for the residents of the community. After earlier publishing an academic textbook for learning the Manchu language, Gertraude recently published “Lights & Shadows: Discoveries Away From Home. Perspectives on American, German and Chinese Cultures.” This non-fiction book, a project which took ten years to complete, is based on nearly a hundred interviews and also includes Gertraude’s own insights and experiences. It was a labor of love and seeks to share the joys and challenges that come with living as a foreigner in one of these three cultures. 

You can connect with Gertraude on Facebook under @LightsandShadowsBook.