Tammy Bird

Tammy Bird is a suspense/thriller author. She currently lives in Wendell, North Carolina with her wife and two cats. By day, she pours her heart into helping students fulfill their educational dreams. The best part of her job is mentoring aspiring writers and watching as each finds his or her rhythm and voice. By night she sinks into her own rhythm and voice, creating new characters and new stories that she hopes will both teach and entertain. "Storytelling with a purpose," she calls it, a way to give back to the many who gave up so much in the past to represent those in the margins.
Tammy's work is rarely defined as sweet or cozy, and she likes it that way. She is here for the beautiful swirl of psychologically hard and gritty and fantastically real.

You can connect with Tammy on FaceBook at Tammy Bird, author, Instagram @tammybirdauthor, and Twitter @Tammy_Bird. You can also visit her website at tammybird.com.